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secuk industrial battery

SEC UK Industrial Battery Ltd is based in the East Midlands, with a Warehouse located in Moira in the Heart of the National Forest in Derbyshire.

The Sales Director Neil Turner has many years within the industry and an extensive knowledge across all of the chemistries, he also has a reputation for excellent customer support. Neil is first and foremost an Engineer with qualifications in both Electrical and Mechanical Engineering so he fully understands the demands and constraints of any application.

Neil amalgamated his own company Smartcel Design Ltd and bought out the UK side of SEC Industrial Battery Company in September 2008 and has been trading successfully ever since.

If you have any application that you would like technical help on, then Neil is the person to speak to, he can help with detailed design and drawings to help support your project, he can also think out of the box to give you a cost effective solution that will meet your needs.

SEC UK is now a distributor for SEC Industrial Battery Co, Powersonic, Cegasa and can provide solutions for all battery chemistry and battery packs.

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