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SEC UK Industrial Battery Ltd is now working in partnership with SEC Batteries, Powersonic, Cegasa and can provide for all battery chemistry's and battery packs.


We are looking to grow our market place offering the best value for money for the application and the needs of the client, with this in mind any technical information can be obtained by emailing us on and we will gladly send out the technical data sheets for any product. 


Our background is providing for the commercial customer but we are also aware of the need to give the public the opportunity to buy directly from source, hence why we now have an ecommerce site.


With the winter getting behind us, thank goodness, now is the time to check you batteries and give them their spring health check.  We provide a great guide to looking after your batteries just leave us your email address and we will send you a copy, hopefully it will allow you to understand the process of charging and how to maximise the life of your battery.





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